Charlene Birdsall


Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager


Spoken languages : English

My name is Charlene Birdsall, and I have been in the financial industry over 30 years.  I started in the insurance industry, and while taking the Certified Management Accountant's degree, moved to the securities industry, which I love.  I have been an investment advisor in Winnipeg since 1997.

With my extensive financial background and the help of our partners, I can provide a total wealth management experience for all our current and new clients, from estate planning, financial planning, investment advice in stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, derivatives and discretionary investment management services and insurance.  Tax efficiency is important in investment planning as we keep this in mind at all times.  I am a Certified Member of the Responsible Investment Association, a Canadian organization, and I can help you integrate environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) into the investment decision-making process, to align your investments with your values.  

As an investment advisor, my specialty is to help our clients have a comfortable retirement.  My goal is to give our clients peace of mind, taking the worry out of the planning for their retirement, regardless of the world market pressures and distractions.  We establish and maintain a healthy retirement income to ensure the financial security they deserve. 

I am happy to meet new prospective clients and I will ensure that your investment goals and peace of  mind prevail.

Core Beliefs

We believe the primary risk of life in the 21st century will not be losing one's money, but outliving it. 

Risk has changed, because life has changed.  Our goal is to help our clients retire without compromising lifestyle, or any real concern about outliving one's income.

We believe that stocks and bonds fluctuate but best investors look beyond short-term fluctuations.

Prices go up and down but the truth is that declines are always temporary. You don't just have to buy a great investment, you should also keep it, even through sickening market declines, and when some other investment is "outperforming" it.  At the end of your investing lifetime, it will not matter what your funds did - it will matter what you did.  We believe that time in is much more important than timing.

We believe that diversification reduces risk.

Diversification used to mean different asset classes, and different companies in different industries in different sectors.  Now diversifications includes those things, but also includes different countries.

We know that selling at the bottom and buying at the top is natural, that is why it is so important to have an advisor.

Investors are emotional.  These emotions can lead investors to freeze from fear at the bottom and have greed become uncontrollable at the top.