Several factors must be considered before selecting an investment solution or vehicle. I will help you choose the appropriate investment solution and ensure your assets are diversified according to:

  • your goals,
  • your priorities, 
  • your investment horizon, 
  • your risk tolerance.

I am able to use a full range of investment vehicles, including:

  • Money market securities
    short-term GICs, Treasury bills, etc.
  • Fixed-income securities
    longer-term GICs, bonds, strip coupons, preferred shares, etc.
  • Equities
    common shares, warrants, rights, etc.
  • Mutual funds
  • Discretionary portfolio management products
  • Derivatives (options) and Structured products

Our services can be tailored to your degree of knowledge and comfort with investing. Management of your portfolio can be delegated in whole or in part or you can play an active role.