As a partner for all your financial needs, our team has the expertise and the resources to help you build and manage the wealth you need to reach your goals.

Our team mission is to guide and advise you about every aspect of your financial wealth.We can help you make your wealth grow, protect it, convert it into steady income, and pass it along to future generations.

We are professionals with solid training and relevant industry experience. Each of us must have:

  • Successfully completed the specialized training required by the investment industry.
  • Duly registered as an investment advisor.                                                                     
  • Completed National Bank Financial – Wealth Management’s own training program that focuses on perfecting investment skills,mastering the latest industry products and integrating our organization’s investment philosophy and operational processes. This training complements the basic requirements of the investment industry.
  • Followed a program of continuing education to maintain and increase our expertise in a constantly evolving financial universe.

We are therefore able to advise you on a host of products and services offered by National Bank Financial – Wealth Management, whether you are an individual or a company with specific or complex needs.