What makes us different


We are not linked to any particular financial products, which means we can build a portfolio that is tailored and adapted to your needs, using the finest investment tools and resources on the market. Impartial and unbiased, the service we deliver is predicated on hand picking the most suitable money managers so our customers can benefit from their expertise.


A CFA Institute study shows that investors who adopt and maintain a long term investment discipline generally have better performing portfolios. When you choose our team, you can rest assured you won’t be switching advisors every two years, because we’re here for the long haul!


Most professionals in our industry earn a commission when you buy their financial products. That is not how our team operates.

Our compensation is directly tied to how our customers’ portfolios value and is adjusted monthly based on the previous month’s fluctuations. Our interests are therefore intimately interconnected.


When you entrust us with managing your assets, we continually monitor and rebalance your portfolio to account for market fluctuations. This ensures your portfolio is constantly in lockstep with your needs and risk tolerance, so you always enjoy peace of mind.


We promise your portfolio will not be subject to any fees beyond those listed in the table on the next page — no purchase, sale or other transaction commissions.


The investments in your portfolio are never subject to minimum holding periods and may therefore be redeemed at any time without penalty.


We provide all our customers with retirement projections so they may adequately plan their savings and achieve their financial goals.


Cathy reviews all of the investment portfolios under her care on a weekly basis and stays in touch with customers regularly to keep them abreast of investment strategies and results. She also meets with each customer as they see fit to report on their portfolio’s progress and update their financial plan.