Denise Genest


Spoken languages : English and French

Denise truly enjoys working in the financial industry, as it allows her to apply competencies which she has obtained through both education and work experience. Having graduated from the University of Alberta with a major in Economics, her interest in numbers and finances is supported by her formal education. Her work experience managing processes and projects, as well as leading and coaching others in various service sectors, has provided her valuable skills, which she uses in her current role.

Her current responsibilities involve keeping the team on track, managing the database and sending out timely communications. She also helps Christine when she is busy or away. She works in a team environment that allows her to contribute to a group effort while learning from her peers.

Denise has strong values which are shared with Bruno and feels empowered to go above and beyond. She is not only encouraged to do what’s right for our clients, but also what’s right for her personal situation. With two young children, she appreciates the flexibility in her work schedule. It allows her to have a work/life balance and be present with her family when it’s important. Part time hours allow her to give back to her community through regular volunteer work; it’s a win/win situation for all.