Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary portfolio management is where buy and sell decisions are made by a Portfolio Manager on behalf of the client.  This means that the client must have the utmost trust in the Investment Manager's capabilities.1

Johnson Wealth Management Group is proud to be able to provide this service to our clients.  But, what are the benefits to this approach?

Having pre-determined fees puts you and your Investment Advisor on the same side of the table, focusing on the same objective: growing your wealth.  More importantly, by working with a portfolio manager, you benefit from the expertise of a professional.  In this case, Brett is mandated to make the best decisions for you without requiring your prior approval on every transaction.

myWealth - Managed

We have taken great care to create an innovative program and build in numerous advantages so that it takes your ability to personalize the offering to your own needs to a whole new level.  Our myWealth Managed program provides you with options to:

- Include your direct family members (spouse, parents and children) in a global family pricing schedule.

-Set automatic fee reductions when your assets with us hit certain thresholds.

-The "All-inclusive" option offers absolute predictability.

-The "A la carte" option combines Investment Advisor advice with low transaction execution charges, giving you the benefit of one of the most flexible pricing schedules in Canada.

-These fees are tax deductible inside non-registered accounts.

The fees under the myWealth platform covers more than just the services provided for investment portfolio management.  It also covers the majority of cost for any of our wealth management services - financial planning, insurance needs analysis and tax planning amoung other periphery services.

For more information regarding our discretionary management offering, please contact our team today! 

1definition was found at www.investopedia.com