Our Process

1. Understand

From the outset, I will take the time to get to know you and your needs, because your needs will form the basis of your personalized goals, your priorities, your investment horizons and your risk tolerance.

2. Plan

Based on the information you provide, I will analyze your situation and confirm your priorities with you and then draft an action plan that prioritizes your goals, taking into consideration the feasibility of your plans based on your family situation.

3. Act

At this stage, we put your plan into action.

The key point here is not to neglect any aspect of your situation. The recommendations might include transactional banking, credit or insurance products based on your needs and making sure you understand and are comfortable with the solutions.

Together, we choose the best investment vehicles to meet your needs, and put them into action in a well structured portfolio.

4. Monitor

I will be monitoring the economy and financial marks on an ongoing basis and will propose adjustments to your investment portfolio as they become appropriate.

As your personal situation changes over time, you may need to make changes to your plan as well. When any major change occurs, the four-step process illustrated here should be initiated again: we need to assess the impact of the change and make any modifications to this plan to keep you on track for reaching your financial goals.