Discretionary Managed Account:  A discretionary managed portfolio gives you the benefit of having a professional making the decisions in your portfolio with your best interest in mind.  As a client, you no longer have to make all the decisions, which ensures your emotions will not get in the way of performance, allows me to rebalance your portfolio rapidly when the markets are volatile, and seize opportunities as they arise.  The portfolio is always managed inside of well-defined parameters according to your personal investment policy statement.  With the capability of block trading, you don’t need to worry anymore if you are called first or last to benefit from an investment opportunity. 

Advice Based Account (flat fee):  A flat fee account allows you to focus strictly on the strategic value of investment decisions knowing there are no transaction fees.  A flat fee is charged simply based on the value of your account and fully aligns our interests.  When your portfolio value goes up, so does my compensation. 

Transactional Account:  Many people will agree that the commission system is certainly one of the more equitable. The cost of ongoing advice and service is built into these transaction fees, so the only time you actually have to pay anything is when a security is bought or sold in one of your accounts.

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