Blaine W. Tigert, CIM, PFP, FCSI

Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager

What do the majority of my clients worry about?  Having sufficient money for retirement  - Running out of money during retirement  - Protecting their wealth for their children.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals.  As partner in your financial success, my sole responsibility is to protect and grow your wealth.  I do this by developing a thorough understanding of your personal and financial situation and then constructing a customized portfolio to meet those goals.  You should be investing based upon your priorities, not based on some index.

With the investment landscape becoming increasingly complex, along with the growing number of investment options available, I believe it is critical to have an investment professional working for you, so you can focus your career, your family, and your life. 

My Investment Philosophy and guiding principals

  • I believe my clients deserve a portfolio which is customized to their financial situation and goals, not a “one strategy fits all approach”.  I understand the needs of my clients first, then proceed to create a portfolio with suitable risk levels and proper diversification.   
  • I believe it is important to have a disciplined approach to managing money.  The key to providing consistent returns is to have a strong process aimed at capital preservation with a focus on growth and income. 
  • I run a tactical asset allocation model using robust bottom-up investment analysis.  So what does that mean?   I tactically shift weightings between cash, bonds and stocks depending on the current market cycle, equity valuations, and yield curve movements.  I look for stocks that are undervalued by the market (analysing EPS, cash-flow, enterprise value, assets, and dividend yield metrics), and that have a catalyst for appreciation and growth.
  • I understand the importance of exceptional client service and regular client contact.  I make myself available to my clients for immediate advice.  My entire team at the Tigert Wealth Management Group is committed to providing you and your family with the most comprehensive personal service. 
  • The more successful we become in life, the more complex our financial lives become.  I offer a wide breadth of services to meet your Wealth Management needs.  This extends beyond my core function as your portfolio manager to developing your personal strategy for retirement, estate, and tax planning.