What does FEE TRANSPARENCY mean for you as a Client?

ANSWER: Being able to clearly identify the cost associated with any particular investment or investment strategy, and then making an informed decision as to whether or not the investment/strategy being considered adds value after accounting for all embedded and explicit costs.

What is Fee-Based Investment Management?

Using a Fee-Based portfolio management approach, clients pay their advisor directly, as opposed to the advisor being compensated behind the scenes from the investment company.

This is done by establishing a clear % fee, charged monthly.

This fee is fully transparent and identifiable for the client.

With this method, there is ZERO other compensation the advisor earns from the client/portfolio.

What are the Main Benefits to the Client?

The main benefits include:

  • Negotiable Fee Structure [Lower Fees]
  • Tax Deductibility
  • Family Rates
  • Aligned Interests

Similar to other professional industries, fees from an investment advisor should be well defined - not hidden within an investment's performance.

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