Why Choose us?

The philosophy at National Bank Financial is one of collaboration and innovation.

Our objective is simple: put the right people in the right place and give them the freedom to do what they do best, which is using a client-centred approach and emphasizing a broad-based wealth management offering.

A people-oriented, entrepreneurial culture

Access to senior management; they listen

Supportive environment for clients and investment advisors

Smaller chartered bank; strong and stable yet clients and employees don’t get lost in bureaucracy; your voice is heard

Greater focus on the advisor-client relationship to help deliver a complete wealth management offering

Product and service offering that is unique and among the best in the industry

Access to our institutional analysts to help our advisors perform proper due diligence on investments for clients

Canada’s 3rd largest bank in wealth management

Top ranked research team highlighted by Chief Economist, Stephane Marion, who was named Canada’s top forecaster by Bloomberg Markets

“We are the financial organization that truly takes care of its clients”