1. Don't just work; work to be Really Good

2. Be Responsive to our clients and earn their Trust

3. Overdeliver

4. Keep our Word

Testimonial #1

Character, experience and expertise are three things I am looking for in an advisor and that is why Albert  Brandstatter is mine.

I trust him implicitly and he has diligently and successfully managed my portfolio.

I also have the peace of mind that if anything happened to me, my wife Eleanor would be well looked after.

Paul Henderson

Team Canada 1972

Testimonial #2

“Albert Brandstatter has worked with us as a member of our pension investment committee for the past 20 years. During that time he has provided valuable insight into different investment strategies and assisted the committee in making profitable long term decisions while maintaining our socially responsible guidelines and concern for the environment.

We have also come to know him as a person of integrity who is dedicated to his family and concerned for the welfare of his community and of the world.”  

Sr. Gertrud Dederichs

Chair, Pension Fund Investment Committee,

Medical Mission Sisters

Testimonial #3

"Albert Brandstatter (Class of ’79) has been actively involved with various alumni projects for over 20 years and, since 2004, as a board member of the St. Michael’s College High School Foundation’s investment committee.  With Albert’s involvement in the school’s finances, his more than 25 year tenure in the investment industry, and his commitment to a standard of insight, diligence and care, St. Michael’s is confident and proud to endorse one of our former students to provide you with prudent investment counsel."


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