Albert Brandstatter


Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor

Spoken languages : English


Albert Brandstatter has been in the investment industry since 1983 and an Investment Advisor since 1985. His tenure in this industry has provided him with insight into helping clients build and preserve financial independence. Albert is diligent and committed to fulfilling his clients' needs of capital preservation, growth and income. With his assistant of over 20 years, Rhonda Brown, and a team of financial, estate and tax planning partners, Albert has demonstrated superior care for his clients which has led to the solid growth of his clientele, primarily through referrals.

National Bank Financial - Best Asset Growth Award 

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019

National Bank Financial Portfolio Management Excellence Award 2018

Albert Brandstatter has been awarded with the regional "Portfolio Management Excellence" Award for the Greater Toronto region as part of the Recognition of Excellence 2018 Program. Albert has distinguished himself from his peers through a remarkable asset management under his control. Since customer satisfaction is at the heart of his priorities, he has maintained very high standards to achieve this level of excellence. 

National Bank Financial - Investment Advisor of the Year 2010

This award, bestowed on an annual basis, recognizes Investment Advisors with superior performances to that of their peers, as well as exceptional management of their clients' assets. The award demonstrates extensive dedication to the satisfaction and well-being of clients through a strong sense of integrity and positivism.