Strategize,Save and Spend. We want to know what you want to do.  Never is the question,“what can you do?”.

Chartered Investment Manager, Personal Financial Planner, Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute providing investment advice (stocks, bonds, real estate,job & business opportunities), portfolio management, family planning, and estate planning.  Through our private &personal banking managers, we can mortgages and home equity loans (lines of credit) are available to meet all your personal & business financial needs.  We manage RRSP’s, IPP’s, RRIF’s,LIRA’s, RESP’s, Trusts and Corporate Accounts. Life Underwriter providing Disability, Critical and Long-Term Care Insurance planning as well. 

Thanks for looking at my profile. If you are like me, you finding us “professionals” are all saying the same thing. Your problem, who do you choose? You’ve read, as I did in the Globe & Mail this weekend (Jan 27/18), that 85% of fund managers failed to beat the S&P 500 Index after fees over the last 10 years. So, maybe you just ask a friend what they are doing, or, you decide to go it alone and do it yourself at a Discount Service (you’ve read about the erosive effect of fees). Everyone is saying, “fee only”, but some of our clients want to pay a reasonable commission for our services.  And some, want a combination. So, how much should you pay?  You know that the cheapest price doesn’t always get you what you want. Well, having been ranked as one of the top Advisors in Vancouver by an Independent Research Company, from my personal and professional experience, I have found that fund managers have shown that they can beat the market in the short term.  In special situations in your life, you find opportunities in your business,friends and family that can reap huge rewards. 

So,that is where I can help. We are a group of professionals (yes, that “team” word that everyone is using) specializing in your needs to help you manage your money. Financial security helps to provide major aspect in your quality of life.  We are top professionals providing world class investment management.  But,we have partnered with outside world-class investments managers.   So, our job is making sure your money is getting outstanding returns by us finding the best managers for you (whether it is us, or, someone else). We know it is often reported in the press that over the long-term, managers fail to “beat the market”, but in the short term many managers  do (in the time frame relevant for you).

Most important. Is anyone LISTENING to you. Here is what my clients are telling me from all over Canada, Europe & the Far East:having the best in communication tools (mobile access is a must have), need to know only what is important, need detailed insights in their investments as my clients are risk averse, review their risk profiles regularly, and screen their investments for environment, social and governance

We are not a mutual fund advisory, investment advisory. Ours is a fiduciary firm. Our responsibility is held to a very high standard, by our professional organizations, the government regulators, and most importantly, ourselves. 

So, contact me. What’s on your mind?. I’m listening.

What I am reading:

Being Mortal


LaoTzu, Tao Te Cheng




TheGospel According to Biff

My life has been widespread in experiences across different places, different peoples, different types of communities. I am grateful having learned of others, and how others being sodifferent from me, have helped me learn about myself. My values, my beliefs, my attitudes, mylife. My focus has been, and is, beinghelping others.  

Next,is my health. My family is Ukrainian,having always being fit, live long, long lives. Divorced, now with a new family, with my Mum living with me (my fatherdied three months ago), I enjoy meditation, the “woods”, fishing, cooking, thearts, ballroom and latin dancing (just dancing) and the arts. I loveto travel to meet people. I am not intovisiting places as a tourist. You willfind me in the grubbiest parts of town talking with people. Amazing stories of people “falling fromgrace”, and then for some, finding themselves “back in grace”.  Life is a mystery needing your exploration,taking chances, reflection and balance.

Aeron T. Evans, MBA, CIM®, PFP®, FCSI®

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