Branch Manager, Investment Advisor


Doug Webber’s team uses a disciplined approach to service his clients.

FOCUS - We focus on the family as a whole, and often become the trusted advisors for extended family and friends of current clients. We focus on each family's consolidated financial assets, since we can provide our best work when we have the full financial picture. We focus on helping clients through emotional market conditions and life events.

ABILITY - We are able to leverage our combined talents to capitalize on each team member's strengths. We are able to offer managed accounts via third party managers. For clients who prefer to hand off the day to day decision making in their portfolios, we utilize the expertise of some of the world's most talented money managers on a fee basis. Discretionary managers have the ability and responsibility to decide which investments should be bought or sold. For clients who like to participate in investment decisions, we offer traditional commission based investing or fee based. Clients who work with us on a non-discretionary basis are contacted for each investment decision. We are able to offer retirement planning and estate planning.

COMMITMENT - We are committed to long term planning and to the balance between preservation of capital and investment returns. We are committed to designing portfolios that meet each client's individual needs. We are committed to providing a high level of service and responsiveness to our clients.

Clients of Doug Webber include busy professionals, business owners, retirees, corporations and charitable foundations. Many of our clients have referred their friends and colleagues to us. As a result of our referral based business and our client appreciation events throughout the year, many of our clients have come to know each other over the years. We continue to grow our business through referrals and word of mouth, and we welcome new clients - no referral is necessary!